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We create wonderful websites for everyone

We are a team of digital experts

From the beginning, our goal has been to put the power of the internet into your hands.

Years back, the owner of this site saw a need to establish a web design company with a difference. The owner was born with the goal of empowering little entrepreneurs to embrace the web simply and with certainty. He was one of the main designers in the country to exploit developing technology and use it to help little business to support their success online by offering quality web design that customers could upgrade themselves, at a value they could afford ( $150 per month). This move changed the business game in his country. Most traditional web designers at that time were not doing this and getting online was a bit costly and prohibitive.

Since then, we’ve improved to 25 staff and have more than 2000 small business customers. While a lot has changed online over the years, our standards for offering affordability, value, and genuinely wanting to help small organizations succeed online has improved.

Everything you need to succeed online

From working with more than 2000 small business organizations, we’ve discovered that an effective online presence is frequently more than a website. You need a qualified SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company that will help you to increase your traffic and we can do this for you. We offer web design, web development, web hosting, search engine optimization, and logo design. Our studio offers everything you require for your digital success and we take pride in partnering with new small organizations for the long term.

We are about small business

We’ve designed the procedure to give your business the best service possible. Any small organization needs to have a strong beginning stage this will ensure a quick, simple and hassle-free experience. We give our customers hassle-free maintenance so they don’t have to control their site with a ridiculous price tag. Our experts offer their expertise even after your site is live.

We are a small business web design organization committed to create the right website for every customer. We can help you design a website that won’t just look great, but our design will meet your need and that of your prospect customer at the best quote of $150. We’ve been doing business for quite a long time, and our customers believe in us for quality work and superb support. Your business objectives are important to us, and we work with you to design the best website for every need.

We design for the web. We are a professional web designer and development organization situated in California. We build sites for organizations and service providers of all sizes in all sectors. We have been at the forefront of web design since 20th century. We offer full service web design with fast and secured web hosting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service at affordable quote cost of $150 per month.

Pixsolate – CEO

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